How to Write a Topic Sentence

The first step to defining some rules on how to create a well-written topic sentence is to ask yourself what your paragraph is about. Think for a while why have you chosen the information that is included in your paragraph. Is this paragraph important for making a point that are you trying to make?

What makes a good topic sentence?

Coherence of your essay is very important and what can help you is relating topic sentences to the thesis. If you construct a thesis statement and put it in the introduction, you’d better include a keyword form the statement into the topic sentence. Your topic sentence is not simply a connection between your paragraph and your thesis.

Topic sentence is also used for showing the importance of the paragraph as it contributes to the development of the argument. Make sure that your topic sentence does not simply restate a thesis. However, if this happens, you should exclude either this paragraph or reformulate your topic sentence.

Writing a perfect topic sentence

Do you know what a topic sentence is? – A topic sentence serves as a mini-thesis for the paragraph, stating the main point of it.

How to Write a Topic SentenceWhat is a purpose of a topic sentence? – When the reader sees the topic sentence, it should inform him on the main points of an essay. Topic sentences are the key for improving an essay.

Where does a topic sentence go? – Usually, they are written at the beginning of the paragraphs. Although the beginning is the most logical part for placing a topic sentence, some important sentences can be also put before a topic sentence. Some writers prefer to leave a topic sentence for the end of a sentence. It is up to you where to put your topic sentence.

Does every paragraph need a thesis statement?

No, not every paragraph needs a thesis statement but if you doubt whether to use one or not, you’d better use it. The reason is that it helps to restate the same idea as in the previous paragraph. Note that if a new topic sentence is redundant, try to eliminate it.