Thinking about Essay Topics

Thinking about Essay TopicsIf you are ready to start making an in-depth research for your essay and writing the paper, think for a while about the essay topic given to you. The main point of writing an essay is not to collect the information and facts mentioned in the books but to show your full understanding of the topic and displaying the powers of reasoning. Here are some easy steps to follow that aims at saving your time and efforts while writing an essay.

Step 1. Pay attention to the key terms as well as naming parts of the topic of your essay. The type of reasoning you have to use is defined by such words as why, how, analyze, compare, evaluate, argue, etc. Are not sure whether you understand them in a proper way? Use the explanations below:

  • Analyze requires your looking deeper at the structure of the source material and defining the relationship of parts to whole, such as cause and effect relationships. Analysis predetermines giving answers to such questions as how and why.
  • Compare implies finding out differences and similarities of various items; these aspects can be used as headings in your essay.
  • Evaluate shows your judgment of the results of the analysis. It requires your opinion based on a certain criteria and mentioned evidence. If you come across a wording like to what extent, you should also evaluate the idea.
  • Argue (or agree or disagree) requires your considering of many possible viewpoints and defending your own.

Step 2. Consider the concepts/methods of the topic. Will you argue a point with others or show your personal responses? Does the topic require carrying out a deep research or evaluating a theory of the course material? Irrespective of the type of an essay, you are to use concepts and ways of thinking that motivate you to implement new methodology.

Step 3. Choosing the ideas for making the right direction of an essay analysis, you should answer various questions on the topic of an essay dealing with the applicable concepts/methods. Note the controversies in the materials you are researching for finding things that could be a theme of discussion later.

Step 4. Writing a thesis statement at the preliminary stage gives you many important answers to further questions arising while writing an essay. However, you do not have to stick to these answers as well as to a thesis statement, still it will help focus your investigation.